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Choosing supplier default expense type

It's possible in Crunch to create and edit individual suppliers so that when an expense is created it will always have a set default expense type. This not only speeds up the task of expensing for you but also helps to automate the whole process.

To set the default expense type, go to the app and navigate to the 'Expenses' tab, then click the 'Suppliers' sub-tab.

Here you'll see your list of suppliers. When creating a new supplier, you will be asked to choose a default expense type from a drop-down menu.

For current suppliers, hover over the 'Options' tab for the supplier you want to choose, and select 'Edit'.
Yours should look similar to this:

Note: You don't need to enter all of the contact information, for example for your regular expenses for foods & transport expenses there's no need. However, if you're purchasing items from an individual it makes sense to enter this information.

As you can see, we have selected "Professional Subscriptions" as the "Default Expense Type’" for this subscription service.
Other examples could be "Public Transport and Taxis" for your travel expenses, or "UK Accommodation" for UK based Hotels.

For further guidance, check out our quick-tip clip below which you can enlarge by selecting:

Unsure which expense category to set as a ‘default type’? 

  • Check this out and bookmark it for future reference

Want some tips on how best to manage your expenses?

Do we have anything that could help make the process of entering your expenses easier? Yes, we do!

  • Check out our SNAP App and you’ll be creating your expenses in seconds

Still unsure? No problem! Take a look at our handy Creating your Suppliers video:

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