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Expense Importer guide

Expense Importer allows you to use a .csv file to add multiple expenses to Crunch at once.

How does it work?

1. Navigate to Click ‘start’ to connect with your Crunch account. Once you've entered your details you'll be redirected back to the Expense Importer App.

2. Before you upload your .csv file you'll need to make sure that it's laid out like the example below. The column headers must be included.






Payment method



Pizza Express

Client lunch



Joe Bloggs


Virgin Media

Office internet bill


Business bank account

Joe Bloggs


Premier Inn

Business trip to Bristol


Credit card

Joe Bloggs



Fuel for business trip


Credit card

Joe Bloggs


Brighton MOTs

MOT for company car


Business bank account

Joe Bloggs

Date - must be entered in British format dd/mm/yyyy

Supplier - Must match a current supplier listed on your Crunch account, otherwise a new supplier will be created and the expense will not upload to the Crunch App correctly. This is case sensitive, so make sure you check each client matches, or the import will not run smoothly. For more information on creating and managing suppliers, click here.

Description - a brief comment on the item purchased.

Amount - Must only contain numbers and '.'

Payment method - Must match one of the payment methods listed on your Banking dashboard in the main Crunch App, or be left blank. The main screen of the Expense Importer App will display the options you have automatically.

Director - To help ensure that we record the “benefitting employee/Director” correctly, we need a final column to show the name of the Director who incurred the expense.

Note: If your .csv file is not formatted correctly then the upload will not be successful.

3. If your upload is successful, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this. Your imported expenses will look something like this:




You'll need to select an option from the 'What is this?' drop down menu for each column, and then press 'Continue'. This has been filled in correctly above.

4. The import will take around 2 seconds per entry, so be patient if you have a lot of entries to upload. This can be sped up by making sure all your suppliers have a default expense type selected.

A warning will appear If any suppliers on your upload do not match a current supplier listed on the main Crunch App. You may choose to ignore this, but the Expenses Uploader will create new supplier entries for each that do not match, and you will need to edit these manually afterwards if needed.

If any errors are found, you will be given detailed instructions on what to do next. If the upload is successful, you will see this screen.



Already using Crunch?

A great way to speed up the entire process is to export your list of suppliers from the expense screen in the Crunch app and paste the supplier list into the Supplier Tab on the Importer Spreadsheet attached to this article. Do the same for descriptions into the Description Tab.

When you begin adding in the expenses on the Expenses Tab, you will be able to select the supplier and description from the drop downs created, leaving you with just the date, payment method and the amount left to enter.

Once completed, you will need to save the Expense Tab as a .CSV file and then upload using the importer.


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