Invoicing in a foreign currency: how does it work?

You can issues invoices and record client payments in the following currencies: AUD - Australian dollar CAD - Canadian dollar EUR - Euro GBP - Pound sterling USD - United States dollar We’ll be adding additional currencies based on demand, so if you need access to some Po...

How to add a discount to an invoice

You may want any discounts given to clients to appear on your invoices. This can be done easily through the Sales tab of the Crunch App. In order to add a discount to a client's invoice, you will first need to create the initial line item for the work carried out. Once you have selected "Save", the...

How to edit or delete a client

Navigate to the 'Sales' tab, and then to the 'Clients' tab in the submenu. You will see a list of your clients. Next to the client you want to edit, hover over 'Options' and then select 'Edit. Here, you will be able to edit all of your client's information. When you are finished, simply clic...

How to edit a recurring sales invoice

There are two aspects of a recurring invoice which you can edit. The first is the event which creates your invoice and the second is the template from which the invoice is created. We'll detail both here. Edit recurring event To edit the event which creates your recurring expense, you can ...

Can I create an invoice based on one I've already raised?

Sure! Firstly, navigate to the Sales tab and select 'Raise similar invoice' from the 'Options' menu of the invoice you want to copy. Still confused? Check out our help guide on how to create a sales invoice.

Why is VAT not itemised on my invoices?

Without a VAT registration number, the crunch app will not add VAT to your invoices. You must have one in order to include VAT in a VAT registered invoice. Although we may have registered you for VAT, it could take up to, or more than, 14 working days to receive your VAT certificate. Check here fo...

Can I remove the "Produced by" footer?

At the end of various documents produced by us there is a small footnote reading "Produced by". Go to 'Your Crunch' and then to 'Document Settings'. There you can just untick the 'Show Produced by Crunch on PDFs' box to remove this message from your invoices

Late Payment Reminders

Tired of chasing clients for payment? Why not try our handy Late Payment Reminder feature in the Crunch application - It’s completely free to use and will automatically chase your clients for payment. We realised that more often than not. clients found chasing for payment an awkward experience a...
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