How to create an estimate or quote

Whether it’s standard practise in your line of work, or whether a client has asked you for one, it’s often helpful to give your client a quote or an estimate for the job they’ve asked you to do. It’s a good way to keep records and hold people to account when it comes to collecting your payment, too....

What is Self-billing?

Directors that conduct their work through an approved agency will often find that they do not have to issue invoices themselves, as these are circulated by their agency. Even though it may seem unnecessary to bill a client through Crunch, it is paramount that you record an invoice to represent the...

How to invoice time in Crunch

If you’re working under contract for a client and are being paid on a weekly basis, based on an hourly rate, you should record this in Crunch by creating a new invoice. Navigate to ‘Sales > Invoices’ and then select the ‘New Invoice’ button. Once you’ve chosen your client, currency type, ha...

How to add a default note to my invoices

If you want to add a default sales invoice note to all of your invoices, navigate to the ‘Your Account > Dashboard’, using the icon in the top right of your account, as shown below: You’ll then need to go to ‘Document settings’ where you can type the text you wish to appear on your invoice...

How do I delete or edit a previously issued invoice?

Invoices are legal documents and need to have a consecutive numbering system, so you cannot delete (or write off / cancel / void) an invoice from the system entirely. Instead, you will need to raise a credit note against the relevant invoice. A credit note can be raised for the full amount of an in...

How to issue a Client Statement

Some companies prefer to receive a regular statement to help determine how much money is owed to them, rather than paying invoices as and when they’re issued to them. In the Crunch software, you can issue a client statement which details all of the invoices and payments made across a given week, ...

Customising the 'sender' details on outgoing emails

You can adjust your email settings in Crunch to customise the name and the response address of the sender on outgoing emails, such as the email sent when you issue an invoice to your client or send a payslip to your employee. This may be useful if you wish to change the name sent on outgoing emails...

How to add a company logo

The best dimensions for your company logo on invoices is 300 pixels wide and 140 pixels high. To add a company logo firstly navigate to 'Your Account' in the top right of your account and select the icon: Navigate to the 'Dashboard' and select 'Company logo' to take you to the upload screen: O...

How do I invoice in foreign currencies and how does it work?

You can issue invoices and record client payments in the following currencies: AUD - Australian dollar CAD - Canadian dollar EUR - Euro GBP - Pound sterling USD - United States dollar Whenever you raise an invoice in a foreign currency you can hover over the amo...

How to add a discount to an invoice

You may want any discounts you’ve given to clients displayed on your invoice. This can be done easily by simply creating a new invoice as you normally would via your ‘Sales’ tab in your account. In order to add a discount to an invoice, you’ll first need to create the initial line item on the inv...
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