Watch our invoice guide

This video shows you how to start raising invoices in the Crunch app.

Watch our credit note guide

If you raise an invoice in error and need to remove it, you will need to issue a credit note. This quick video guide shows you exactly how to do it.

How do I delete or edit a previously issued invoice?

Invoices are legal documents and need to have a consecutive numbering system, so you cannot delete (or write off / cancel / void) an invoice from the system entirely. Instead, you will need to raise a credit note against the relevant invoice. A credit note can be raised for the full amount of an in...

What are the best dimensions for the company invoice logo?

The best dimensions for your company logo on invoices is 300 pixels wide by 140 pixels high.

How to add a client

Fancy some visual assistance? Watch our handy tutorial video for Setting up your Clients in Crunch. To add one of your clients to Crunch, firstly navigate to the ‘Sales’ tab and then to the ‘Clients’ sub-tab. Then, click the blue ‘New Client’ button near the top right-hand corner, as shown below:...

How to issue/re-issue and email/print a sales invoice

Once an invoice has been saved as a draft, it still needs to be issued to the client. To do this, simply navigate to the ‘Sales’ tab and then the ‘Invoices’ sub-tab. You can then use the sorting checkboxes to find the invoices that are in draft status or scroll down and you’ll see a list of all i...

How to record a client payment

Fancy some visual help? Watch our handy tutorial video for Recording Client Payments in Crunch. When one of your clients has paid you, you’ll need to record this in your account and there’s a couple of ways you can do this - we’ll start with the easiest method, and then we’ll show you an alternativ...

How to create a sales invoice

Fancy some visual assistance? Watch our handy tutorial video for Raising & Issuing Invoices in Crunch. To raise a new invoice, navigate to the ‘Sales’ tab. From this dashboard, you can add a new invoice by selecting ‘New Invoice’ from the blue menu to the right. Note: Another way to ad...

How to allocate a client payment

Unallocated client payments in Crunch will need to be associated with one or more invoices. For more information about unallocated payments, please click here. You will be taken to your remaining unallocated client payments after bank reconciliation if you have created new client payments while ...

How to create an estimate or quote

Whether it’s standard practice in your work or upon a client’s request, they may appreciate or even expect a quote or estimate for services you’re offering which aren’t a fixed sum. Within Crunch you have the ability to generate an estimate or quote from any of your existing draft invoices. Initia...
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