Payroll run

A payroll run is every time you pay yourself or company employees a salary. These are managed from the 'Payroll Runs' tab in the 'Pay Yourself' area.

Personal service company

You are a personal service company if more than half of your income is derived from services that are performed by its shareholders and provided under contracts between your company and its clients. However, this does not necessarily mean you fall within IR35. That is a separate consideration depend...

Retained Profit

This is the amount of net income kept in your limited company which has not been withdrawn from the company as dividends.

Profit & Loss Account

A statement which shows the profit or loss of a business, and summarises how it has arisen. It usually covers a year, and also shows last year as a comparison.

Rechargeable Expense: expensing a client

A rechargeable expense is an expense that you incur for work done for a client (e.g. travel costs). You can pass on the expense cost by charging it to the client on an invoice. Also see How to add a rechargeable expense and Why is VAT charged on top of recharged expenses?

Real Time Information (RTI)

What is RTI? Since 6th April 2013 employers are required to start reporting PAYE information to HMRC in real time – Real Time Information (RTI). This means that employers have to send details to HMRC electronically every time they pay an employee as part of their routine payroll process. HM...

What browsers does Crunch support?

Our accounting software works best on the latest two versions of the following browsers: Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Opera We always recommend you use the latest version of your browser available when possible. Amongst several benefits, this ensures that you have the best protec...

How secure is my data?

Our software is incredibly secure due to your account being protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption authentication system which ensures that all of your confidential information and transactions within the system cannot be intercepted, viewed or altered in any way. We use the same security technology...

When using the Pre-Crunch service, how do I pass my data to my account...

Simply add your data to the following easy-to-use spreadsheet and email it to your accountant at support@crunch.co.uk.

The site's security certificate is not trusted! What does this me...

The Problem When you're logging on to the app you may be presented with the following message: The message itself explains why you're seeing this error, but that the app certificate is completely valid and secure, so you shouldn't see this message at all. We use the highest level...

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