Pay Yourself

How to add a recurring payroll run

For most Crunch clients, the amount of salary you take per month will be consistent. So to make things easier you can set up a recurring payroll run which will automatically create your payroll monthly runs in Crunch for the remainder of a tax year. To set up a recurring payroll run, navigate to ...

How to record a dividend

Dividends are payments made to company shareholders from the profits of the company after corporation tax. Dividends are the most tax efficient way to take your income after you have exceeded the National Insurance salary threshold. This article will help you know how much you could take as a div...

How to add an employee

If your account is set up to use payroll, you can add non-director employees to your company in Crunch. If you're using Crunch's payroll service, your employees will be viewable, but un-editable. To add an employee who is not a director of your company, start by navigating to the "Your Crunch" tab ...

How to file your PAYE Annual Return

Crunch can automatically calculate your PAYE Annual Return and file it for you electronically with HMRC. To do this, start by navigating to the "Pay Yourself" tab and then to the "PAYE returns" sub tab: Under the "Returns in progress" screen you will see your current return, and its sta...

Recording dividends for a non-director shareholder

If your company has shareholders who are not directors in the company, your partner for instance, then any dividends they take need to be recorded slightly differently to if they were taking a director’s withdrawal and completely separate from your own. Even if you are married and are both shareh...

How to pay PAYE / NIC

You can record PAYE/NIC payments by selecting 'New tax payment' from the Tax tab menu and choosing the relevant selection in the drop down menu entitled "Tax payment type". Many of our clients find paying online is the most simple method of paying. This can paid by using either a debit/credit car...

How to add employee pension payments

Do you deduct pension contributions from your employee's payroll? If the answer is yes and you are signed up to our Pension Auto Enrolment service you can add the payments made to NEST (Your pension provider) which were deducted from your employees pay by going to our 'Pension Payments' tab under '...

New Tax Year Thresholds

New Dividend Tax Rates The Government announced some major changes in 2015 that will affect the way company directors are taxed in the financial year 2016/17. From the 6th April 2016, there will no longer be a dividend tax credit for lower rate earners and the tax-free dividend amount has bee...

Repaying student loans if salary above £8,060

New student loan repayment plans going into 16/17. There are two types of student loan which work out into slightly different repayment plans. Plan 1 is any student loan taken out 'before' September 2012, and Plan 2 is any student loan taken 'on or after' September 2012. They are paid through you...

2017/18 Tax Year dividend thresholds

How much tax do I pay on dividends? In the 2017/18 tax year, you will still receive a tax free allowance for dividends amounting to £5,000. From 6th April 2017, the personal allowance increases to £11,500. If you choose to take a salary of £8,164 (£680.33 per month) during the 2017/18 tax y...
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