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Dividend scenario 9

Dividends recorded but not withdrawn from bank account Let’s say you have a Maximum Dividend Available of £3000. You record a Dividend of £3000 in Crunch but do not withdraw this money from your bank account. Your bank account will be £3000 higher than the Maximum Dividend Available. This is p...

Watch our pay yourself guide

This short video guide will show you all you need to know to start paying yourself salary and dividends in the Crunch app.

How much should I take as a salary?

Why take a salary? There are two main reasons to take a salary from your limited company: It’s counted as an expense and can therefore lower the amount of Corporation Tax due. If the salary is above the Lower Earnings Limit (view current tax rates), you accrue qualifying years towar...

How do I record subcontractor expenses through my Crunch account?

Every now and then, you may find that you need additional skills to successfully fulfil the requirements of a project. This means you may need to bring in a third party to assist you. However, in doing so, you open yourself up to some potential tax and legal pitfalls surrounding the status of th...

Your payroll options - high salary vs. low salary

Being a Crunch client means you need not worry about complying with Real Time Information (RTI), whichever way you take a salary from your company. When it comes to taking salary with Crunch, as a Director you have a two options: Take salary of up to the National Insurance threshold or, Take...

Can I edit a past payroll run?

Because HMRC requires payroll information to be reported in real time (see Real Time Information), on completion of every payroll run Crunch files information about the salary, income tax and National Insurance Contributions included in that run. As the information has been filed with HMRC it will ...

Contractor mortgages: Your questions answered

We sit down with Ben Murphy of Mortgage Medics to discuss the tricky subject of freelancer and contractor mortgages. Why are they so hard to apply for, which lenders can you trust, and how can you maximise your chances of success?

What happens if I don't perform a payroll run every month?

You may choose not to pay yourself or your staff any salary during a given month. To remain compliant with RTI you should still create a nil payroll run within your Crunch account. Not making an RTI submission on a monthly basis will incur penalties from HMRC.

Final Payroll Submission for the tax year ending 5th April 2019 for C...

When the end of the tax year looms on 5th April, we want to ensure you submit everything you need to, to HMRC. We also want to ensure you make the most of your personal tax-free allowance by taking a salary from your company up to the National Insurance Primary threshold. Consequently, you may n...

I have just taken on another job and they are paying me through their ...

Yes, but you only need to tell us the gross amount of salary per annum.
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