How to add a supplier / expense credit note without a refund

You may wish to record the fact that you received a credit note from a supplier before you paid your expense. You can do this in Crunch by editing the expense via the Expenses tab and sub tab. Then once you've found the expense you wish to credit note, use its "Options" button to click "Edit": In se...

How do I record and reconcile a Supplier refund that exceeds the origi...

If you pay for goods or services charged in a currency that is not sterling and then later receive a refund, the amount you receive back may be greater depending on the currency exchange rate. In order to reconcile the refund, you will need to take the following steps as a workaround to the rule th...

Room Hire (Expense Type)

Record in Crunch as Cost of Sales > Other Direct Costs or Premises Costs > Rent See the full list of expenses that can be claimed

Gym Membership

This expense is not tax-deductible and so we do not recommend paying for this via your company funds. If you choose to do so the expense would be considered taxable as a Benefit in Kind (BIK) to you personally. Benefit in Kind tax is calculated via the P11D which is due for filing by 06 July the f...

Accountancy (Expense Type)

Accountancy costs such as your Crunch subscription, Self Assessment fee, or Annual Return fee can be claimed under this expense type. Record in Crunch as Legal and Professional Costs > Accountancy See the full list of expenses that can be claimed

Advertising (Expense Type)

Record in Crunch as Promotion and Entertainment > Advertising See the full list of expenses that can be claimed

Alternative Finance payments (Expense Type)

Record in Crunch as Finance > Alternative Finance Payments See the full list of expenses that can be claimed

Bank / Paypal charges and fines (Expense Type)

Add your bank as a new supplier under Suppliers and then add cost as an expense under Bank charges. Only charges on company bank accounts can be claimed. Interest Charges on Company Credit Cards and Bank Accounts are also treated as an expense to the company. Record in Crunch as Finance > Bank...

Business Gifts (Expense Type)

To be a gift the item must fall into one of the following categories: The gift is something that the business makes or sells. This can include food, alcohol, fuel or tobacco. The gift contains an advertisement for the business. This cannot be food, drink, fuel or tobacco. The gift must no...

Business start up (Expense Type)

If you have recently begun trading as a limited company you may have incurred a few company formation expenses, such as incorporation fees, VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax registration fees, or accountancy and legal advice. These can be included in your company's first year accounts. Record in Crunch...

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