What date should I use when entering an expense?

When recording an expense you should use the date the expense occured. You can also record the payment date separately as these dates may not always be the same.

How should I deal with transport vouchers?

For information about claiming for transport vouchers please refer to the HMRC website here.

Can I claim back costs incurred prior to my company formation but rela...

Our Advice: If you were previously employed then yes the company formation expenses can be included in your costs. If you were previously a sole trader the company formation expenses can be included in your costs but any pre-company expenses should be included in your sole trader accounts as you wi...

How can assets reduce my tax bill?

What is an Asset? In the broadest terms, an asset is something that is: Owned / controlled by the company. Going to last for more than 1 year. Intended to be used in the company to generate more income. For example, a telephone used to make business calls, or a tool for yo...

When going Limited, should I transfer an Asset from Sole Trade to my L...

You do not have to transfer an asset to your limited company but it can be beneficial to do so in order to continue claiming capital allowances. To bring this in as an asset using Crunch simply create a new expense and choose Fixed Assets and then the relevant option. When entering the date, use the...

Watch our expenses video guide

This quick video shows you step-by-step how you begin to start adding your expenses using the Crunch app, it also covers some tips and tricks to make the process a breeze!

How to add a recurring expense

To set up an expense to automatically recur you will need to navigate to the expense list in Crunch, this is found within the "Expenses” tab > Expenses" sub-tab, and create the first instance of the expense as you would normally. You can also use an existing expense for this. You will then be abl...

How to add a supplier refund / expense refund

To record a supplier refund start by navigating to the "Expenses" tab and the "Expenses" sub tab: Find the expense that you would like to record a refund for an, using its "Options" button click "Edit": Note: In order to record a refund the expense must be at least partially paid. ...

How to add expenses

This quick guide details how to add an expense outside of bank reconciliation. If you want to find out how to add an expense while in bank reconciliation, please read our article here. To view your expenses start by navigating to the "Expenses" tab and then click the "Expenses" sub tab: This s...

How to add a rechargeable expense

A rechargeable expense is an expense that you incur relating to work done for a client (e.g. travel costs). You can pass on the expense cost by recharging it to the client on an invoice. To add a rechargeable expense, simple follow the process explained in our guide to adding an expense, here. Howe...

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