How to add a new supplier

Fancy some visual assistance? Watch our video for Setting up your Suppliers in Crunch, or we’ve got you covered by a quick clip which you can enlarge by selecting: For step-by-step support, please continue below. In Crunch, a "Supplier" is a company that provides your company with supplies or se...

What are the expense categories?

One way to achieve maximum tax-efficiency is to claim for all of the expenses that you’re entitled to. You’ll need to be careful to only claim legitimate items, however. HMRC is clear that expenses must be ‘wholly and exclusively’ for your business use, but there are also specific rules for certain ...

Choosing supplier default expense type

It's possible in Crunch to create and edit individual suppliers so that when an expense is created it will always have a set default expense type. This not only speeds up the task of expensing for you but also helps to automate the whole process. To set the default expense type, go to the app and n...

How do expenses reduce my tax liabilities?

Keeping track of all your business expenses will allow you to offset the cost of business essentials against your Corporation Tax bill, so you can save a little money while you spend it. When you put an expense through the business, as long as it is an ‘allowable’ expense, you can offset 19% of the...

How to add expenses

Fancy some visual assistance? Watch our handy tutorial video for Creating your Expenses, or check out our quick clip below which can be enlarged by selecting: For step-by-step support, please follow the below: To add a new expense, click the ‘Expense’ tab and then ‘+New Expense’, under “Unpa...

How to add & edit a recurring expense

To set up an expense to automatically recur, you’ll need to navigate to the expense list in Crunch - you’ll find it within the ‘Expenses’ tab. Then select the ‘Expenses’ sub-tab. This can be extremely beneficial for regular outgoing expenses that you pay as Direct Debits. In our example, we’ve us...

How to add a rechargeable expense

A rechargeable expense is an expense that you incur relating to work done for a client (e.g. travel costs). You can pass on the expense cost by recharging it to the client on an invoice. To add a rechargeable expense, you’ll need to prove the expense has already been paid by transferring out of ...

How to add an expense refund / supplier refund

To record a refund against an expense start by navigating to the ‘Expenses’ tab and then select the ‘Expenses’ sub tab: Note: In order to record a refund the expense must be at least partially paid. Find the expense that you would like to record an expense refund for, use its ‘Options’ menu and ...

What sort of travel can I claim for?

General rules about travel Your travel expenses are generally deductible where: You are responsible for paying the travel costs. The travel you are undertaking is necessary to your work i.e. your attendance at the place you are travelling to is mandatory. The travel should not...

Should I have a company car, van or motorcycle?

If you are thinking of getting a company car you should contact your accountant to discuss what the most beneficial option is for your situation. However, generally speaking the corporation tax relief from running a company car will be undone by the personal tax you will need to pay on the Benefit ...

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