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Bank Rec Improvements - January 2018

 Over recent months we’ve received a lot of feedback about our core software with many clients giving us great insight into what they like and dislike when it comes to using their Crunch account.

We’ve gone through this feedback and pinpointed some great changes that we’re excited to bring to you:

Relevant match detection:

When you reconcile, the system will now bring the most relevant match to the top of the list for more clarity. Any Crunch entries that aren’t matched off will remain in date order underneath.

We’re looking to expand on this feature soon so that all potential matches will be brought to the top of the list as we think this will really help to improve this functionality and make it easier to work with.

Auto-adjusting date matching:

Have you ever uploaded a statement to find out that the date your banking provider has recorded the transactions, differ slightly from the dates you’ve recorded in Crunch? This would result in a popup that asks you to confirm if you’d like to adjust the dates to match.

We’ve put an end to that with the latest update. The reconciliation process will now automatically adjust any mismatched payment dates, so that your Crunch account matches with the dates shown in your statement and is an accurate representation of your bank account.

Deleting expenses via bank rec:

Sometimes you might find yourself needing to delete an expense payment using the red X, in the reconciliation screen, or after you finish reconciling in the unreconciled Crunch payments screen within the banking dashboard.

We’ve added a new feature to this button, so now you'll be asked if you’d like to delete the expense that the payment is allocated against. This means that you’ll no longer have to go through the expenses tab and delete all of the unpaid expenses when you get round to cleaning up your Crunch account.

You’ll have to be careful to check that these expenses weren’t personally paid - if they were then with the tick of a box you can just delete the payment, but remember to return to the expense later on and add a personally paid payment.

Pre-populated expense descriptions:

Have you ever get bored of having to input a description into every expense you create via the reconciliation screen? Well now that's a thing of the past! Next time you create an expense in this way the system will pull through the description line from the bank statement.

The description will be truncated at 150 characters, but this should be enough to show the relevant info about the expense.

It may not seem like much but if you’re one of our many clients that create the majority of their expenses via the reconciliation screen then this will add up quickly to shave time off your bank reconciliation.

Favourite suppliers:

Last, but by no means least, we added a favourite supplier feature to the expenses tab.

To find this, you’ll need to head to the suppliers tab within expenses. You’ll see that there’s now a Favourite column. Clicking on the star next to a supplier will favourite that supplier:

You'll then be able to sort this list by those clients marked as favourite and they'll show at the top:


We've also made sure that your favourite suppliers will now show in alphabetical order at the top of drop-down menus in your Crunch account:


Last Updated: 21 Sep 2018 11:06AM BST

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