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Your Banking Dashboard has a fresh look - May 2017

The banking dashboard has had an overhaul!

We've made some changes to improve the UI and clarity of information. These new features went live on Monday 15th May 2017.
Alongside the visual features, you will now be able to upload bank statements that contain the same date as a previously uploaded statement. The system will spot duplicate entries and make sure that only new ones are uploaded.
Here's what the banking dashboard will look like:
As you can see here it's not too different to the old one, but the different sections have been separated out to improve visibility.
As you add bank accounts and credit cards they will appear in the corresponding box on the dashboard (they'll already be there if you're already an established user):
This way the dashboard already gives more information about the current state of the your bank accounts without you having to choose between accounts and wait for information to load.
If you click on the expand button on one of the bank accounts it opens up all the features for the bank account: 
There's lots of familiar options here that all do the same thing they've always done - their function hasn't changed:
Reconcile now
Import statement
View reconciled entries
View statement uploads
Edit account details
However there's a few new features (and a few missing ones, too):
Here I've uploaded a statement and gone to the banking dashboard. Because the bank rec is more than 2 months out of date you can instantly notice the red notification. We've used the term match here as this is more in line with the terminology used by similar services so hopefully if you've come from one of those our system will now feel a little more familiar.
If I click on the red 35 to match it will take me straight to the bank rec screen and I can start reconciling.
If I click expand it'll look like this (I've also created a couple of payments in Crunch at this point):
Clicking on 35 statement entries will take me to the unreconciled statement entries screen, and clicking on 2 payments in Crunch will take me to the unreconciled Crunch payments screens. The options for viewing these screens weren't the most obvious before so these should help you navigate your bank account more smoothly.
The final 'new' button is the green Bank Feed Available button. This will display if you have entered a sort code for Barclays, Cater Allen or MetroBank and clicking on it will take you through the sign up process for your chosen integration. This is will make it much easier to see if you have a bank feed available, which could save you a lot of time matching payments!
If there's no integration available for the bank account it will look like this:
We're super excited about this update and we hope that it provides you guys with a much better user experience and helps you navigate your way around the various different banking related options much easier than our previous banking dashboard did.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your account manager if you have any questions or feedback about the changes.
Last Updated: 20 Sep 2018 09:29AM BST

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