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Service Description Pension Auto Enrolment

1. Overview of Service

1.1 The following services are covered by this Service Description.
Service Details
Crunch Payroll To use the Pension Auto Enrolment service you must use the Crunch Payroll Service. The Crunch Payroll Service is subject to separate terms of service and fee.
Pension Auto Enrolment Setup We will set up your company’s Pension Auto Enrolment for your limited company using the Government’s ‘NEST’ scheme.
Pension Auto Enrolment Monthly Auto-enrolment of employees into your company’s pension scheme.
1.2 You must subscribe to the Crunch Payroll Service before we can provide the Pension Auto Enrolment Setup or Monthly Service. Please note that the Crunch Payroll Service is not covered under this service description.

2. The Contract 

2.1 When you ("you", or the "User") use the service described in this Service Description you enter into a legally binding agreement with Crunch governed by the Crunch Terms of Service (which are expressly incorporated into this Contract with you) together with these Special Terms where they vary or add to the Terms. References to capitalised terms used in this document shall have the same meaning and effect as those defined in the Terms unless expressly stated otherwise.  

2.2 Unless we agree with you in writing that your individual terms and conditions are somehow different from the ones outlined in this document or the Terms, you are bound by this document and the Terms when using the Service.

3. Accepting the Terms 

3.1 You must accept these Special Terms and the Terms (“together the “Terms”), and you may not use the Services if you do not accept the Terms.

3.2 There are two ways to accept the Terms: 
3.2.1 By accepting the Terms when Crunch makes them available to you (i.e. when activating the Services); or
3.2.2 By using the Services in any capacity 

4. Set up charges, subscription Fees and Payment 

4.1 Pension Auto Enrolment Setup 
4.1.1 An initial setup charge will be made. Please see the accompanying email or contact your Client Manager for details of the current charges.
4.1.2 Payment can be made over the phone by Debit or Credit Card

4.1.3 Pension Auto Enrolment Monthly A subscription fee for use of the Pension Auto Enrolment service is payable monthly by the Crunch Account subscriber unless the Service forms part of other Crunch services. Prices are quoted in UK pounds Sterling and exclude VAT, which is also payable. It is a requirement that a Direct Debit is set up for payment of monthly fees. The Pension Auto Enrolment service will commence when it is requested and the monthly fee will be added to your current Crunch subscription and you will receive notification of a change to your Direct Debit collection amount. If you are paying your Crunch subscription on an annual basis you will be asked to set up a Direct Debit with us for the Pension Auto Enrolment Service. You will be notified in advance and in writing of any changes to our current price plan, with no less than 1 months’ notice of any price change.

5. Services provided by Crunch and our responsibilities 

Pension Auto Enrolment Setup 
5.1 The Payroll team from Crunch Accounting Ltd will:
5.1.1 Manage the setup of the employer into the NEST account
5.1.2 Enter employee details into the employer’s NEST account
5.1.3 Send NEST materials to help raise awareness of Auto Enrolment
5.1.4 Assess the employer's workforce to determine Auto Enrolment status
5.1.5 Send Notice letters to Employer
5.1.6 Manage initial opt out of employees.

Pension Auto Enrolment Monthly 
5.3 The Payroll team from Crunch Accounting Ltd will:
5.2.1 Input monthly pension contributions into the NEST account
5.2.2 Manage the ongoing employee Opt outs, new starters and workforce assessment in the NEST Account
5.2.3 Every three years after the staging date or employees start date (whichever is later) manage the employees that opted out of Auto Enrolment, as these employees are automatically opted back in.

5.3 Crunch can only offer the service where NEST is used as the chosen pension provider.

5.4 Crunch does not provide any specialist advice on choosing a pension schemes, we are providing a service that ensures you meet the Government’s Auto Enrolment regulations.

5.5 Crunch shall have the right to make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law, or which do not materially affect the nature or quality for the Services, and we shall notify you in any such event.

6. Your responsibilities and provision of information by you 

Pension Auto Enrolment Setup 
6.1.1 In order to complete the initial set-up, we require you to complete and return the NEST information sheet within a week of it being sent out via email. The Crunch Payroll team will contact you with any further questions.

Pension Auto Enrolment Monthly 
6.1.2 You must let us know 5 working days before your pay date about any changes needed to your monthly payroll, including changes to employer and employee pension contributions
6.1.3 You must let us know 5 working days before your pay date about any new starters and leavers
6.1.4 Gather information from employees on whether they want to leave the Auto Enrolment scheme after enrolment or if they want to join the scheme if not automatically enrolled, at least 5 working days before the pay date of the month in question
6.1.5 Pay the monthly pension deductions to NEST via direct debit
6.1.6 Authorise us to approach such third parties as may be appropriate for information that we consider necessary to deal with your affairs

6.2 If the information required to complete the Auto Enrolment services set out above is received later than the dates specified we will not be liable for any costs or other losses arising if the Auto Enrolment submission is late.

6.3 In order for you to comply with the Auto Enrolment regulations you are required to provide all necessary employee information in a timely way and keep us updated with ongoing amendments and changes. We will rely on the information and any documentation being true, correct and complete and will not audit the information.

6.4 You are legally responsible for ensuring the data you provide Crunch is correct.  Failure to do this may lead to automatic penalties from The Pension Regulator for non- compliance of the Auto Enrolment regulations.

6.5 Employers cannot delegate this legal responsibility to others. You agree to check that submissions we have prepared in NEST for you are correct and complete.

6.6 You will be responsible for completing the checks on a new employee’s eligibility to live and work in the UK in accordance with the Government’s Code of Practice “Preventing Illegal Working” and Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.

6.7 There are differences between what would be deemed a subcontractor or employee and more information on this can be found in our Helpcentre or on the HMRC website.

7. Cancellation 

7.1 Cancellation by you 
7.1.1 You are able to cancel the service at any time by giving no less than 1 months’ notice.
7.1.2 Following the cancellation Crunch will have no further responsibility in relation to your Pension Auto-Enrolment from the date of cancellation
7.1.3 As a Director you will have continued responsibilities and are solely responsible for identifying another service to satisfy the need for the service that we provided.

7.2 Cancellation by Crunch 
Crunch reserves the right to cancel the service at any time. We will discuss the reasons for cancellation before the service is terminated. No refund will be provided.
7.3 Refunds - See paragraph 7.2.

8. Your Data 

8.1 In order to provide this service, Crunch will process the data you provide (including that of your employees) in accordance with General Data Protection regulations. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2018 12:30PM BST

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