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How to edit a recurring expense

There are two aspects of a recurring expense which you can edit. The first is the event which creates your expense and the second is the template from which the expense is created. We'll detail both here.

Edit recurring event

To edit the event which creates your recurring expense, you can either find an expense created by the event and click its clock icon, or you can navigate to the "Recurring expenses" tab and click "Edit event" in the Options menu of the relevant event.


Either way, the "Edit recurring expense event" form will appear, where you can customise exactly when you would like your event to happen. For example, you may wish to change a monthly event to occur every four weeks on a Thursday, specify a new end date and manually set the next occurrence date.

If you wish to disable the event, you can do so here, or from the previous list. Disabling the event will stop any expenses from being created by the event for as long as the event is disabled. 

Edit recurring expense template

If you wish to change the template from which your expenses are created, navigate to the "Recurring expenses" tab and click "Edit  expense template" from the Options menu.


You should see a familiar looking form where you can edit the supplier, line items, payment method and note of the expense that will be created by the associated event. Note that editing this template will not affect any existing expenses. Simply make the changes you wish and hit "Update template". Then when the event next creates the expense it will feature the changes you made.

Need more help?

This short video gives you an overview of how to use the Expenses tab.

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