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Invoice Importer guide

Invoice Importer allows you to use a .csv file to easily add multiple invoices to Crunch at once.

How does it work?

  1. Navigate to Enter your details and click ‘Authorise’. On the next screen, check ‘Yes’ and click ‘Submit’ to connect Invoice Importer with your Crunch account.
  2. Before you upload your .csv file you'll need to make sure that it's laid out like the example below. The column headers must be included. You can download a template here or at the bottom of the screen.
Issue date Client Description Invoice 
Bank Account
30/11/2014 Crunch November invoice 240 Yes 15/12/2014 Personal
03/12/2014 Crunch December invoice 150 Yes 18/12/2014 HSBC personal
07/12/2014 The Corner Café December invoice 320 Yes 22/12/2014 Credit card
09/12/2014 Occam Media December invoice 250 Yes 24/12/2014 Credit card
14/12/2014 Brighton MOTs December invoice 400 Yes 30/12/2014 HSBC personal


Dates - must be entered in British format dd/mm/yyyy

Payment date - If left blank this will record the invoice without a client payment

Client - The name needs to match exactly, if not it wont be imported. If it's a new client please create it in crunch first.

Invoice total - Must only contain numbers and '.'

Bank account/Director - Must match one of the payment methods listed on your Banking dashboard in the main Crunch App, or be left blank. The main screen of the Invoice Importer App will display the options you have automatically.

Includes VAT? - If the invoice includes VAT please put a "yes" in this column, otherwise put a "no". If it does include VAT make sure the total is the full amount inclusive of VAT.

Example of VAT Added - YES

You have raised an invoice to your client for a total of £1,000.00. This is actually broken down into a NET amount of £833.33 and a VAT amount of £166.67

Example of VAT Added - NO

You have raised an invoice to your client who resides in the United States where VAT cannot be charged, for £1,000.00. This will be raised as £1,000.00 total with £0.00 for VAT and the VAT will be marked as ‘outside the scope’

If you have any questions about this, we would advise contacting us on


Please Note:

  • If your .csv file is not formatted correctly then the upload will not be successful

  • Crunch may reject some of your invoices due to data problems, so limit the number of items you upload at one time

  • You cannot upload invoices in a foreign currency at this time


3. If your upload is successful, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this. Your imported invoices will look something like this:



You'll need to select an option from the 'What is this?' drop down menu for each column, and then press 'Continue'. This has been filled in correctly above. Any extra data can be headed as “ignore”.

4. The import will take around 2 seconds per entry, so be patient if you have a lot of entries to upload.

A warning will appear If any bank accounts on your upload do not match a bank listed on the main Crunch App. Invoice Importer will not create new bank accounts, so you must make sure the accounts are added to Crunch before uploading.

If any errors are found, you will be given detailed instructions on what to do next. If the upload is successful, you will see this screen:

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