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How to refund a client

To add a credit note to a sales invoice after a client payment has been received (i.e. refund a client) firstly navigate to the Sales tab and then to Invoices:



From the list of invoices, select the settled invoice that you would like to refund and click on its "Options" button, shown below:



Before selecting "Raise credit note" from the drop-down menu:


You should be presented with the "New credit note" screen where you will need to enter the date of the refund, the reason for the credit note along with the net amount you wish to refund:

Please note: If you’re VAT Registered, Crunch will automatically add VAT on top of the credit note, so you may need to consider using to work out the amount MINUS the VAT prior to creating your credit note.



After clicking on "Raise credit note" you will see confirmation that your credit note has been created, but it is still just in draft status. Once you're sure you have the details correct, navigate to the relevant sales invoice and click the blue writing in the "Credit notes" column:



This link takes you to the invoice summary where you will see your credit note in draft status at the bottom. Simply click on the "Options" button and select "Issue" to issue the credit note:



In the next screen, which shows the PDF of your credit note, you can choose to email the credit note to your client as well as issuing it, or simply issue it with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've issued your credit note, you will see that the "Status" has changed to "Outstanding". This is because you have not yet recorded the fact that you are giving the money back to your client. To record this refund, click the "Options" button again and select "Record refund paid":



In the "New Refund" screen that you will be presented with, simply enter the details of your refund, including the date on which you paid back the client, as well as the payment method and account the money went out of. Once you have entered and allocated the amount to the relevant invoice, click "Save refund" and the process of issuing a refund to one of your clients is complete.

Last Updated: 12 Apr 2019 02:13PM BST
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