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How to add a recurring sales invoice

To set up an existing sales invoice to automatically recur, you will need to navigate to the "Invoices" list under the "Sales" tab, and click "Set up recurring invoice" on the relevant options menu.


The "New recurring invoice event" form will appear and here you can select exactly when you would like the event to recur. For example, we have said that we would like the invoice to be created every month on the 21st September, for one year.


If you wanted to set up a quarterly expense, simply set the "Repeat every" drop down to three. For fortnightly, choose to repeat "Weekly" and then specify that the event repeats every two weeks. In this way, you can customise exactly when you would like your event to occur, when you would like it to start and when you want it to stop.

In the second portion of the form you can choose whether the sales invoice that will be created will be issued and if so, you can choose for it to be emailed and for a reminder to be emailed to you before the event.


Note: When emailing a sales invoice Crunch will address the email to those contacts which are selected as "Email by default". You can change who this is by editing your client in the "Clients" list.

As sales invoices can't be deleted, you may want to be warned that something permanent is about to occur in your Crunch account, so here you can also choose to receive an email reminder before your invoice is issued, and specify how many days before the event that reminder will be sent.

Once you're happy with your event, click "Create event", and on the start date your invoice will be created and appear in your invoice list with a small clock icon indicating it was created automatically.



You can click this icon on any recurring invoice to edit the event which created it, for example to change the date it is created, or whether it is issued or not. If you wish to change the template from which your new sales invoice is created, e.g. the amount, you can navigate to the "Recurring invoice" sub tab and use the "Edit invoice template" option there. For more information about editing recurring invoices, please click here.

Last Updated: 14 Sep 2015 11:10AM BST
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