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How to use Harvest timesheets?

If you’re working with multiple clients on a project or need to apportion work by the hour – then timesheets are a far more practical solution then the traditional spreadsheet or written record.

As part of our API (application programming interface) development, clients are now able to integrate Harvest’s professional timesheet features with their Crunch account and produce time-specific invoices.

For the less technically savvy, Crunch’s API essentially allows existing third party applications to synchronise data with Crunch. You can find out more about the API here.

How to register

In order to enable Harvest to connect with your Crunch account you will need to first register with Harvest; not having an existing Harvest account will mean you’re unable to synchronise, so sign up for a free Harvest account before you attempt to integrate the two.

Activate the integration

Once you’re registered with Harvest you can activate the integration by navigating to the Subscription tab under 'Your Crunch‘. 

In the Subscription tab click the Harvest ‘activate’ button.

You will then be redirected to a secure address in which you will be asked to authenticate the synchronising of your Crunch account with your Harvest account. Because you should have already registered for a Harvest account at this point, make sure you choose the 'Sign into a different account' link at the end.

Once this is done, your Crunch account will be updated daily from Harvest on a scheduled basis. Alternatively, you can manually import from Harvest immediately by clicking the ‘Import Now’ button within Subscription.

Creating an invoice in Harvest

It is important to note that Harvest has a number of additional features, such as sending estimates & quotes and managing expenses. The Crunch API does not yet accommodate these Harvest features so we need to stress that you limit your use of Harvest to invoicing and invoicing alone, if you want the application to successfully integrate with Crunch.


You create invoices in the same way as you would in Crunch, ensuring that the client’s name is exactly the same as it’s been written in Harvest – as the synchronisation is case sensitive you can create new clients in Crunch or rename existing ones to match the Harvest account.

Once you have created a client in Harvest and also created a matching client in Crunch, you can raise an invoice in Harvest, fill in the relevant fields and save it. Sending from Harvest will do nothing, just leave it as saved in your Harvest account and move on to 'Synchronising the invoice' below.

As yet Crunch does not support all foreign currencies so in order for the upload to be successful make certain you’re using a Crunch-friendly currency.

One further thing to consider is that if your own company is not VAT registered in Crunch but the invoice in Harvest charges VAT, the synchronisation will fail.

Once you’ve filled in the necessary fields mark the invoice as saved and that’s all you need to do in Harvest.

Synchronising the invoice

In order to finalise the transfer of invoices from Harvest to Crunch you will need to either wait up to a day for the automated upload, or manually synchronise the two by navigating to ‘Subscription’ and selecting ‘Import Now’.

Invoices remain in their draft state when transferred into Crunch so that you can verify they are correct and then once you're happy you can issue them as you would a normal invoice.

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2017 08:27AM BST
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