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How to add a rechargeable expense

A rechargeable expense is an expense that you incur relating to work done for a client (e.g. travel costs). You can pass on the expense cost by recharging it to the client on an invoice. 

To add a rechargeable expense, you’ll need to prove the expense has already been paid by transferring out of the company bank account or paid by you personally.

In section 1 - Supplier and line items - of the ‘New Expense’ screen, choose the client you wish to recharge the expense to from the dropdown menu, as shown below:

Note: If your client doesn’t appear within this dropdown menu, you’ll simply need to create them via the ‘+ Add new client’ button.

After completing the rest of the expense form, entering in the expense details etc., you’ll need to ‘Save’ your expense as you would any other. When you now view your list of expenses, you’ll notice a new icon in the ‘Recharge to client’ column, showing that this expense is yet to be recharged to your client: 

The next step would be to create and issue an invoice for that same client. 

When you come to record a sales invoice for the same client in the future, you’ll see the ‘Add rechargeable expense’ button is enabled in the ‘Invoice Line Items’ section:

Once you've clicked that button, you’ll be able to choose from a list of rechargeable expenses associated with this client in the ‘Net’ dropdown.

Simply enter a description and click ‘Save’ on that line item. 

Once you've added all of your line items, you can save and issue the invoice as you would normally. You’ll also see a new icon appear next to the expense within the expense list, which confirms you have now recharged it against an invoice, as shown below:

Please note: Additional VAT is added to all recharged expenses. See here for more information

Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019 12:57PM BST
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