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How to create a sales invoice

Fancy some visual assistance?
Watch our handy tutorial video for Raising & Issuing Invoices in Crunch.

To raise a new invoice, navigate to the ‘Sales > Invoices' tab, and from you can add a new invoice by selecting ‘New Invoice’ from the blue menu to the right.

Note: Another way to add an invoice is to navigate to your list of clients and select ‘raise new invoice’ from the relevant ‘Options’ menu. You can also use the options menu to select “Raise similar invoice” which can reduce administration time if you invoice the same client again.

No matter which way you add a new invoice, you’ll be presented with the “New Invoice” form. The initial part of the form allows you to choose who you’re invoicing, the date, currency, and payment terms:

You can add line items to the invoice by clicking the ‘Add line item’ button. Don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button once you've filled in the details of the line item:

Please note: If you’re VAT registered, the ‘VAT rate type’ will automatically default to ‘Standard’ and will subsequently add 20% on top of your invoice. If you’d like to create an invoice that’s inclusive of VAT, simply select the ‘do the amounts already include VAT?’ checkbox before adding your line item(s).

You can then choose whether or not to include an invoice note, bank account details, or a late payment reminder on your invoice.
You can also upload any relevant documents before clicking ‘
Save as draft’ or ‘Preview and Issue’.

From here, you now have two options available to you:

Option 1: If you've selected ‘Save as draft’, Crunch will confirm that the invoice has been saved as a draft. An invoice in a "Draft" state can be amended and/or deleted.
You can use a draft invoice to create a quote or estimate for potential clients, to do this navigate to its 'Options' menu and select 'Create estimate or Quote' which will then take you to a page where you can specify if it's an Estimate or Quote via a dropdown menu. When you've chosen your preferred option, you can download it as a .PDF and attach it to your email.

  • If you’re satisfied with the invoice, you’ll then need to issue it. To do this, please follow this guide here

Option 2: If you’ve selected ‘Preview and Issue’ instead, this will provide you with a quick summary of the invoice prior to issuing.
This will enable you to review and edit the invoice if necessary, and if you’re happy with it, you can also issue and email the invoice to your client directly from here.

When you’re satisfied, to check out our Recording Client Payments guide next.

Need some more help with issuing & emailing, editing or printing your sales invoices?

What if my ‘issued invoice’ is a mistake and I need to ‘delete’ it?

Interested in setting up a ‘recurring invoice’?

Need to attach an expense to an invoice to ‘recharge’ it to your client?

  • We have this for you

Still unsure? No problem! Take a look at our handy raising & issuing invoices video

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