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How to submit a VAT return

If you’re VAT registered, you’ll want to be aware of your VAT deadlines and payment responsibilities. Hefty penalties and fines are waiting for those who fail to do this, so please make sure that you’re submitting your VAT returns to Crunch by the end of the following month of your VAT return period end date. 

For example, a VAT return with a period covering 01/01 - 31/03 (quarterly) would need to be submitted to Crunch by 30/04 to ensure it’s filed on time with HMRC.

When you need to submit your VAT return, we’ll email you a reminder.

  • For more information about VAT, as well as some additional information about Making Tax Digital, we’d recommend taking a look at our knowledge article found here.

How to submit it to Crunch:

In order to submit your return, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Company Tax’ tab and then select the ‘VAT returns’ sub-tab.

When you’re due to submit a return, you’ll notice that the status of a VAT Return will read as “Submission due”, and if you're late in submitting your return the status will read as “Submission overdue”.

On the ‘Options’ menu, relating to your ”Submission due” return, click ‘View VAT breakdown:

The following screen explains the breakdown of VAT for the period of this return. 

You’ll be able to see the “VAT to pay on sales” and “VAT to reclaim on purchases” in more detail by clicking the ‘Show details dropdown menu.

If you’re happy that the numbers look correct, click ‘Display VAT return’:

On the next screen, you’ll see a summary of all the details of the VAT return you’re about to submit.

It’s important that you fully read the declaration and confirm the information within the VAT return is true and complete.
You can do this by clicking the checkbox and then selecting ‘
Submit VAT return

You’ll then see confirmation that your VAT return has been submitted to Crunch and you’ll notice that the status of that VAT return in your list is now ‘Submitted to Crunch.

Our accountants will then prepare & file your VAT return with HMRC and, once this process has been completed, you’ll receive an email containing information and details on how to pay the VAT to HMRC.

Need to record a VAT payment against a VAT return?

  • Check out our help article about that, here

Need help understanding VAT on “Recharged Expenses”?

  • Take a look at this

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