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How to record VAT return payments

If you’re VAT registered, you’ll want to be aware of deadlines and payments. If you aren’t, all of the hard work in making your business successful can be undone. 

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Any VAT returns that are processed by Crunch will appear in the ‘VAT Returns sub-tab, under ‘Company Tax’, and the related payments should be recorded from that list.

In order to record a payment for a VAT return, it must already have been submitted by you and then filed by Crunch. Once the filing process is complete, you’ll see a date in the “Date filed” column. 

You’ll then be able to use the relevant ‘Options’ menu to select ‘Record VAT payment’ to record the VAT payment against a specific VAT return. 

Note: Please do ensure that you’re recording your VAT return payments directly against your VAT returns using the above method, otherwise you’ll receive notifications about non-payments/overdue payments even though you may have already paid for it. 

Once you’re in the “Record VAT payment” form, fill in the date of the payment and you’ll notice that the full amount of the VAT Return is pre-populated. Clicking ‘Record VAT Payment’ at the bottom then completes the process. 

The payment will appear in your ‘Tax payments’ list.

What if I am due a VAT refund?

When you receive a rebate from HMRC you will need to record it in Crunch. To do this go to 'Company Tax' and select the 'VAT Returns' sub-tab. Select the 'Options' menu and select 'Record VAT rebate', but please ensure this is recorded directly against the VAT return that the rebate has been received for. 

VAT Returns not processed by Crunch: 

VAT returns that weren’t processed by Crunch (perhaps by a previous accountant, for example) still need to be recorded as a VAT payment. Your accountant may also give you specific instructions to do so in certain circumstances. 

Go to the ‘Tax Payments sub-tab under ‘Company Tax’ and select ‘+New Tax Payment’ and record this separately, as there will be no VAT Return to record this against. Please notify us as soon as you can so that we can ensure accuracy within your accounting records.

Help understanding why there’s additional VAT on “Recharged Expenses”?

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