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How to add expenses

This quick guide details how to add an expense outside of bank reconciliation. If you want to find out how to add an expense while in bank reconciliation, please read our article here.

To view your expenses start by navigating to the "Expenses" tab and then click the "Expenses" sub tab:

This shows you all of your existing expenses, along with their payment status. From this screen you can use the relevant "Options" button to edit or delete existing expenses.

To add a new expense click the "Add new: Expense" button:

In section one of the "New Expense" screen, simply add the name of this expense's supplier, along with the date. You can also choose to add a supplier reference if you wish, and if the expense is rechargeable, denote the client you wish to recharge it to. We cover rechargeable expenses in this guide.

Add your expense line item by choosing the expense type, the VAT % and the gross amount, along with a description. If you wish to add a second line item just click the "Add another line" button, and to remove a line item click it's associated red X button. Once you're done adding line items, section one should look something like our example here:

In section two - payment details - you'll need to enter how you paid for the line items you've added. Simply select the date that you paid for the expense from section one. For the majority of expenses you will have made the payment simultaneously, rather than recording a purchase invoice on one day, and then recording a payment for that purchase invoice at a later date.

When adding a new expense Crunch will default the date of your payment in section two, to be the same as the date of the expense in section one. So all you have to do is denote the payment method and the relevant bank account, card, or director. You can use the "Add payment" button to record multiple payments for this expense, if that's what you need to do. We will generate the amount you owe to your supplier for this expense based on the amounts of these payments, and if these amounts fully pay off the expense the box will display "Paid":

However, if you have not paid for this expense yet, simply use the 'Red Cross' icon next to the payment line to not record a payment for this expense. Crunch will then automatically update to show the amount you owe to your supplier.

In section three you can choose to attach a file to this expense, if you so wish. For example you can upload a photograph of this receipt taken from your smart phone. Use the "Expand" button, click the "Upload" button, and select the file on your computer, to safely store it on the Crunch servers. The files attached to this expense will appear on the right hand side of section 3:

Finally, in section four, you can choose to add a note to this expense. This is just for your own purposes, so that you can, for example, specify what this expense was for. Perhaps you have a lot of expenses for travelling to London, but want to remind yourself of which expense was for which journey, and maybe the reason for that journey too - whatever you like!


Then just click the "Save expense" button and your new expense will be saved with a confirmation message to that effect.




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