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How to add an expense refund / supplier refund

To record a refund against an expense start by navigating to the ‘Expenses’ tab and then select the ‘Expenses’ sub tab:
Note: In order to record a refund the expense must be at least partially paid. 

Find the expense that you would like to record an expense refund for, use its ‘Options’ menu and select ‘Edit’:

Recording an expense refund firstly requires a credit note to be issued against it, however, you need to make sure that there are payment details - this should reflect the original outgoing payment information of the expense - presented in this section, as shown below:

Once you’re satisfied, select ‘+Add credit note / refund’.

In the "Add credit note to expense" form will have to enter the reason for the credit note, the date of its issue and the amount. In our example, we've said that the reason for the credit note is that we received a free month as a reward, so we're receiving the full amount back from our supplier:

Note: This can be a partial amount, however, you’ll need to make sure that both section 1  “amount to credit” and section 2 “amount to refund” reflect the same amount.

Once the credit note and reason information has been populated you'll see the "Refund details" available below, in section 2.
You can record as many refunds as you like up to the total amount of your credit note by clicking the ‘
+Add refund’ button (and the red ‘X’ to delete them), but we're going to record one refund here for the full amount like so:



Once you’re happy with the details you should select ‘Add credit note’ at the bottom to confirm the form, you will be taken back to the expense with the credit note and refund added. 



In our example, this means that the expense is now "Settled" as we've recorded receiving the full amount back from our supplier and it was paid back to us this in full via an expense refund.

Clicking ‘Update expense’ at the bottom will save your refund.


A final note: This will have created transactional data for you to reconcile, for example, we’ll now have an incoming payment from Adobe which we can match up to our statement when reconciling the bank account.

Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019 01:54PM BST
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