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How to add a recurring expense

To set up an expense to automatically recur you will need to navigate to the expense list in Crunch, this is found within the "Expenses” tab > Expenses" sub-tab, and create the first instance of the expense as you would normally. You can also use an existing expense for this. You will then be able to then click "Set up recurring expense" on the options button to the right of the expense, as shown below:


Once selected you’ll see a "New recurring expense event" form appear as a sidebar. From here, you can select exactly when you would like the expense to recur.


If you wanted to set up a monthly expense, such as a Subscription Cost, simply set the "Repeat every" drop down to one. For fortnightly, choose to repeat "Weekly" and then specify that the event repeats every two weeks. In this way, you can customise exactly when you would like your event to occur, when you would like it to start and when you want it to stop.

In the second portion of the form, you can choose whether the expense that will be created will be paid and if so, by what method, as you would when creating expenses normally. For recurring expenses, you can only choose to fully pay, or not pay an expense, and if you do pay the expense you can only do so with one payment line.



Once you're happy with your event, click "Create event", and on the start date, your expense will be created and appear in your expenses list with a small clock icon indicating the expense was created automatically.

You can click the clock icon on any recurring expense to edit the event which created it, for example, to change the date it is created, or whether it is paid or not. If you wish to change the template from which your new expense is created, e.g. the amount, you can navigate to the "Recurring expenses" sub-tab, select “Options” on the expense, then use the "Edit expense template" option there to make changes to things like “Expense Type” or “Payment Method”, or alternatively, if you only wish to edit the frequency of the occurrence (month/weekly/yearly) then you can simply select the “Edit Event” option instead.

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