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How to issue / re-issue and email / print a sales invoice

Once an invoice has been saved as a draft, it still needs to be issued to the client. To do this, simply navigate to the "Sales" tab and then the "Invoices" sub-tab:

You can use the sorting checkboxes to find the invoices that are in draft status. Once you've found the invoice you want to issue, hover over the relevant "Options" button and select "Issue":

You’ll then be presented with your invoice, which you can choose to edit, issue or simultaneously issue and email to the client.

When emailing an invoice, you’ll see pre-populated text for the email subject line and email content, which you can change if you’d like to make the invoice more personal.

Within the subject line of the email, you’ll see the placeholder text: {{invoice-number}}, which will be populated with the actual invoice number once the invoice is emailed. If you’d like to remove the invoice number from the subject, please make sure you remove the entire placeholder, including the double curly brackets.

Using dynamic fields

For the more technically-minded of you, there are additional dynamic fields, like the {{invoice-number}} field, that you can use within the email. These are listed below.

All of these dynamic fields will be populated with real data once the email is sent:











Please note that the email content will only accept plain text without any HTML or styling, other than the dynamic fields mentioned above.

If you’d like to add a new email address, click on the ‘Edit Client’ link in the ‘Select or add email address’ section. You’ll be redirected to the Edit Client page, where you can add a new contact. Save the changes and then select the new contact from the ‘Select or add email address’ section and proceed to email the invoice.

You also have the option to download a PDF of your invoice, so you can print it off and post it to your client.

Once you've issued the invoice, you'll be returned to the list of your invoices with a confirmation message that your invoice has been issued.

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