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How to add a payroll run

Payroll runs are used to pay salary to company employees, including directors. You will need to add any non-director employees for whom you need to record salary in order for them to appear in the payroll run.

If you just wish to add a director's salary, without any other employees, please see here.

Adding a payroll run

If your account has been enabled for payroll, you can add a payroll run by navigating to "Pay Yourself" and then to "Payroll runs" and use the "Add new:" menu:

Once you've entered the date of this payroll run, a list of employees and directors on that date will appear along with input boxes for their salary amounts. Directors will have a recommend amount that cannot be exceeded, while employees can be paid any amount.

Simply enter the figures for each person's salary like so:

Paying your employees

If you have already paid the person their salary (i.e. deposited the money in their bank account) in your payroll run, tick the "Pay" checkbox for the relevant person.

For directors this will create a director withdrawal, while employees will have an employee salary payment created, ready for reconciliation.

There are two ways to record paying people that you will see in section two of the page once you have ticked the "Paid" checkbox for at least one person. You can choose to either use the same payment details for all of your company's employees, or enter different payment details for each person.

Same payment details for all employees

You should select this option when all of your company employees have been paid in the same way, and enter this payment information, including the date and payment method. 

The "Employees to pay" section will display exactly how much each person is being paid as well as the net total. Clicking "Save payroll run" will then save this information to the Crunch app.

Payment details per employee

You should select this option when you have paid employees in different ways in this payroll run. For example, if you paid one employee from petty cash but another was paid by the director personally.

Enter these details in the "Employees to pay" section and save to the Crunch app by clicking "Save payroll run".

Real Time Information

Due to HMRC's Real Time Information (RTI) legislation, businesses are required to inform HMRC of employee and director salaries in real time. In order to comply with this legislation, when you save a payroll run Crunch will electronically file your payroll run with HMRC. For this reason payroll runs cannot be edited once completed.

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