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How to add a new bank account

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Watch our handy setup video for adding your business bank account to Crunch, or if you'd like a faster setup we’ve got you covered by a quick clip which you can enlarge by selecting:

For step-by-step support, please continue below.

To add a new business bank account to the Crunch app, navigate to the ‘Banking > Dashboard’ and select the ‘+New Bank Account’ button (for business ‘Current’ or ‘Savings’ accounts). Select the ‘+New Credit Card’ button (for business ‘Credit Card’ accounts). Please never add any personal bank accounts.

This will open a new bank account form where you can add company bank accounts to your Crunch account. The form requires a ‘Display Name’ for the account. This is a name that will be shown to you when using this account in the Crunch app. In the example below, we've called it "Current Account". 

The ‘Bank name’ field denotes the name of the bank which supplies the account, e.g. HSBC, Lloyds TSB, RBS. We recommend entering the account number, sort code, and the last four digits of the card number. You can also enter an IBAN and BIC, if you’d like.

Once you've completed the form, you should have something looking similar to our example here:

We've also chosen to make this account our ‘default bank account’. 

This means that this account will be pre-selected by Crunch when performing actions which relate to bank accounts, e.g. when you're creating a new expense which has been paid out of the company bank account.

Clicking ‘save bank account’ on the screen above will take you back to the Banking Dashboard. You will now see your bank account listed in the main window with any other bank accounts you’ve created. 

The primary default account will be at the top of this list.

You can now start using the bank account you’ve added. 

If you need to edit the details of a bank account you’ve added, just click on the Expand’ button and you’ll see the ‘Edit account details’ option.  

If you’ve entered your account number and sort code correctly, you’ll also be able to easily see if there’s an automated bank feed available for your statements.

We’ve also added new functionality that lets you know when we have a “Bank Feed available”. This means that your CSV bank statements will be automatically uploaded into your Crunch account for you, so look out for the green box to take advantage of all of Crunch’s bank account-related features! 

When you’re satisfied, check out our Creating your Suppliers guide for the next steps. 

Interested in setting up our Open Banking or BankBolt integration?

Still unsure? No problem! Take a look at our handy Adding your Business Bank Accounts setup video:

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