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How to unreconcile your bank account

If you’ve made a mistake during your bank reconciliation, or there’s an error on the statement you’ve uploaded that needs deleting, you may find yourself needing to unreconcile your bank account in order to fix the problem. 

You can undo anything you've reconciled, as long as your year's accounts for the date you need to unreconcile to haven't yet been closed.

Before we proceed, it’s worth highlighting that the existing data already created in your Crunch account will not be deleted. This simply “unlocks” the transactions previously reconciled in order for you to make amendments. If you need to delete specific data, you’ll still need to unreconcile back to those transactions in order to make any changes.

We’ve got you covered by a quick clip - which you can enlarge by selecting, or continue below for step-by-step guidance:

Go to the ‘Banking > Dashboard’, select the ‘Expand button relating to the bank account in question, and then click the blue ‘View reconciled entries’ link.

You’ll see a list of payments that you’ve reconciled. From here, you can click a payment to be unreconciled. If you select a payment to unreconcile, all payments on and after that date will also be selected so that gaps are not introduced in your reconciliation:

In the example above, each payment from 06/02/2019 onwards has been selected for unreconciliation. 

To unreconcile the payments you’ve selected, simply click the ‘Unreconcile highlighted entries’ button at the bottom of the list and then the ‘Unreconcile button on the confirmation pop-up. 

This will then unreconcile, and the connection between payment and statement entry will be removed, meaning that once you have made the changes you need to, you’ll need to reconcile your bank account back up to date. Don’t worry, though, because all other data still exists in your Crunch account, so it’ll just be a case of rematching the entries against your bank statement.

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