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How to combine & reconcile more than one payment to a single bank statement entry

You can combine two or more payments against one statement entry in your Crunch account, providing that the payments add up to the total value of the entry in question. Once the payment has been combined, you can reconcile it.

Please note: You cannot combine directors withdrawals for different directors. For example, you can combine two director withdrawals for Director A, but not combine a withdrawal from Director A with a withdrawal from Director B.

Navigate to ‘Banking > Dashboard’, select ‘Expand’, then ‘Reconcile now’. Once you’re here, follow our simple steps below to complete this process:

  1. Select the 'Combine payments' link above the payments list. The list of payments will update to show tick boxes next to all payments. 
  1. Select the payments you want to combine by clicking on the checkboxes beside them
  1. Once the total of your selected entries matches the total on the statement entry, the combine button will enable. Click this to combine the selected payments against one single statement entry.
  1. Once they've been reconciled, the word “combined” will appear next to the payments in their respective lists. 
  1. If you want to see a list of payments which have been combined after reconciling, select ‘reconciled statement entries’ from the banking dashboard. You’ll see a number next to the statement entries which have multiple payments against them. 
Select this number and the payment details will drop down on that screen.

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