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Bank Statement and CSV Upload Guide

Adding your bank statements to reconcile your transactions is a vital part of keeping good accounting records.

Once the statement is uploaded you can reconcile to ensure the accuracy of your accounts and to allow you to pay yourself with confidence knowing that you're taking the right amounts.

Most high street banks will be able to provide you with a .CSV file that you can upload directly into your account. You can do this by logging into your online banking and searching for either: statements/transactions/history

Each banking provider is unique so how you extract this data will change from bank to bank. Some have a self-explanatory 'Export' or 'History' section and others may require a little more digging.

Unfortunately not all banks are able to provide you with a complete history of your transactions and so only a few months might be available, typically just 90 days are available in an electronic format. This adds even more importance to reconciling regularly.

Once you have obtained your statement, read our "uploading a bank statement" guide here.


Breakdown of High Street Banks 


Barclays only provide .CSV files for the last 3 months - however, they are able provide.PDF files to cover a larger timeframe. 

The .CSV file that Barclays provide also has its own set of hurdles as they do not have a running balance. This will require the balance to be entered manually on the very first item on the spreadsheet. Other details will be filled in automatically. Click here if you need help with this

Why bother with all that fuss when you get your Barclays statements automatically uploaded into your account, twice a week FOR FREE - it's a great new service that we've introduced because we know how tricky it can be to get the statement uploads spot on. Click here for more information 

Metro Bank & Cater Allen

We've got a fab automatic statement upload with these banks - super handy, super fast and best of all - it's FREE. Once enabled, your statements will be imported into your account twice a week, for you to then reconcile. For more info on Metro click here and for Cater Allen here


HSBC, NatWest, RBS & Lloyds

These banks provide excellent .CSV functionality and should be accessible via the statement history section of each respective online platform. Typically, all banks will provide up to 90 days worth of transactions but will be able to retrieve older statements via PDF.

If you need to go further back than 90 days, you may need to convert the PDFs to .CSV - Even more reason to keep your reconciliation up to date :)


Santander announced that will no longer provide bank statements in the .CSV format.They will still provide the statements as an .XLS file, which is a very similar Excel format.

Once saved to your desktop, open in Excel or Open Office if you’re a MAC user then File - Save As - Select .CSV. The statement might require some columns to be removed before being compatible with your account. 

Santander also provide a .TXT file that can be converted to .CSV free of charge, using the our fab Crunch Labs site 

Santander also provide a .PDF statements




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