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Introduction to Mile Cruncher

Mile Cruncher is a simple mobile app available to Crunch clients, designed to streamline the process of claiming mileage expenses by allowing you to record your business mileage while out and about, and have the corresponding expense recorded in Crunch automatically.

Like Snap, Mile Cruncher is available for iPhone, and Android.

To activate Mile Cruncher

Mile Cruncher is activated on a Crunch account in the same way as Snap. Navigate to the 'Subscription' tab under Your Crunch and click "Activate" to get started.

Shortly after clicking the button you will receive an email containing a string of characters known as a Connect Token, you must use this to log into the Mile Cruncher app when you first install it.

You can click the "Deactivate" button in the 'Subscription' tab at any time to remove Mile Cruncher's permissions to record expenses on your account.

To record business miles

When you open the Mile Cruncher app, add a trip. You can select your mode of transport (van / car / motorbike or bicycle) and the correct rate per mile will be applied automatically.

Add a reason for your trip (e.g. "Travel to client site"), input how many miles you travelled and hit Save.

Once your expense has been recorded a confirmation will appear indicating your expense has been recorded in Crunch.

Previous claimed miles must be input

If you have already claimed business mileage expenses this tax year, you must record this figure in Mile Cruncher as soon as you begin using it. Tap the "Rates" button and expand the "Tax details" section to enter your figure.

The allowable rate for business travel changes at 10,000 miles; telling Mile Cruncher how many miles you have already claimed allows it to automatically adjust the rates it claims when you exceed 10,000 miles.

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2017 08:29AM BST
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